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" Ad# How To Apply Job With Us " 2020/May/19th

We Welcome You To Join " Alex Education Recruiter 2006™️

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Those Who Want Work As A Teacher In China, Submit Your Application From Now On ,

Applicant Submission Process Before 📧 Email US Read Our Important Steps

❤️Step No-1

1- Resume

❤️Step No-2

2- One Recent Photo

❤️Step No-3

3- Intro Video Or Teaching Video with at-least 3-4 minutes longer which mean Intro video can be 1 min , and Teaching Video 2 minutes or Intro video 3 minutes

❤️Step No-4

👉Introduction must start with

⚠️ ( Hello My name XYZ, I’m xyz Year’s Old , I am Applying this job for an ESL Instructor in china Through Alex Education ,I found this company Through Youtube Channel which is Alex Education Recruiter 2006. If you also want to apply for a job in china Subscribe Youtube channel link below ⚠

👉YouTube link :

Youtube Channel Name: Alex Education Recruiter 2006

Explain Reason for applying?

Explain Your Previous Job?

Talk about your Hobby ?

Explain How you Manage kids in Classroom ?

Explain How you control Naughty Kids in Classroom ?

Explain What was your best experience

in Teaching ?

Explain What was your bad experience in Teaching ?

Explain What age you prefer ?

Explain Why you Quit your previous job ?

Notice :⚠️

Make sure the video time must be Minimum 3-3,5 minutes otherwise it will not be Acceptable



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We Welcome You To Join

Alex Education™️

Brief Introduction

Alex education Official Recruiter agency Since 2006 🏫 We are looking for ESL Instructor Based in China 🇨🇳) We Welcome All Nationalities ,No Restriction’s About Gender’s (M/F)

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