Work Permits  
We provide work visa with fully one year contract 
 Document required  
1-Bachelor Degree with 2 year working experience 
2-Resume from 18year old till now
3-Passport scan first page
4-Passport size Photo
5-Medical certificate  
6-Non Criminal Certificate 
7-Bachelor , Non Criminal and
Medical certificate should be
attested from the
Chinese embassy 
 Our Jobs  

1-Translation Companies, 

2-Self made Teaching Courses & Material, 

3-Kindergarten Books, Teaching Plans(Age 0-5)

4-Training School Books, Teaching Plans(Age 7-12)

5-Teenagers Books,Teaching Plans(Age 15-19)

6-Adult Books, Teaching Plan(Age20-Above)

7-Guide Teachers & School how to improve your Skills

8-Easiest way to learn Language

9-Except Teaching we got Dance Classes

7-Piano Classes

 Basic Rules 

If you’r working with us please follow those following instruction which we mention below;


1-Our working Hours  are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


2-Sick Leave/Emergency Teacher must inform us/client before 5 pm


3-We will not accept any kind of leave/Sick Leave or emergency after 5 pm


4-In an emergency Case sick/or other reason teacher must have to provide us with proof otherwise we will not accept any kind of apology .


5-If teacher is disappear or teacher didn’t inform to client or us after or before 5pm we will deduct 5% from teacher/ client salary, this rule is for both parties teacher or client as well


6-If client didn't inform teacher before 5 or after 5 then client/student have to pay 5% to teacher


7-After accept any job from us, teacher must have to work minimum 6month- 1 year depend on the conditions


8-After 6 Month if teacher want to cancel/Quit Job , Teacher have to inform us at least 30 days before from the date teacher apply for cancellation/Quit job


9-We are mentioning everything clear to everybody, concentrate on these rules.


10- Our payment method to everybody is from 1st of each month till 30th of each month we calculate salary,


11- Everybody have to send us Schedule sheet before 5th of each month.


12-In an emergency case who cannot send schedule sheet before 5th inform us in advance .


13-For Part Time teacher have to count there hours by themselves and send us with schedule sheet picture .


14-Fulltime teacher have to send us schedule sheet with counting days by themselves .


15-Salary day is on the 15th of each month.